Silvermine nature reserve is a special place for the Van Der Spuy family, we have met here about 5 years ago for our first shoot. After that we have done another shoot and then I got an email from Aileen wanting to book a shoot again. Somewhere I read something about a pram and on a sms about a baby. I couldn’t figure it out, I thought they were done with babies 😉 Then this young man decided to come and surprise all of them! He is also a super serious little guy, with the ‘Van Der Spuy frown’! We got a few smiles out of him, in between running with or behind his older two siblings. I can’t figure out if Gideon, loves or endure all the hugs he gets from his sister 😉 I think he secretly loves it! Enjoy your pictures, was so good to see all of you again. You can have a look at our second shoot as well.












































 Gideon 007