Michael and Cornelia both are German-Namibians 🙂 They both studied in South Africa, but met each other in Namibia after their studies, if my memory serves me right. They both love Cape Town, and try to visit once a year. This time they are expecting a little girl, we tried very hard to show the tiny bump. She is only due in January and Cornelia is a tiny lady 🙂 I loved the nick name Michael’s dad have for Cornelia, ‘Madame Butterfly’. The reason is, she loves to dream 🙂 He says then she flies away. Kirstenbosch was the perfect place for Madame Butterfly to get lost in-between all the flowers in bloom. I really enjoyed spending time with you, my friend. I hope you enjoyed your trip back home. When we see each other again both of us will have a little girl running or crawling around us.