Johan and Anneke met at an event that was hosted by our church specifically for single people to meet each other and Johan’ sister and her fiancé met at the same event. I can only thank Jesus for being such a good match maker. A couple in our church bought two tickets for this event, then they gave them to Kobie and another friend. The other friend could not go, so they asked another lady, she prayed about it and felt the Lord told her to give it to somebody else. Anneke was the somebody else.

They made this wedding a whole weekend celebration at De Hollandsche Molen, between Paarl and Franschhoek. They got married in the NG Kerk in Franschhoek. This wedding was the first ‘date’ my husband and I had after our baby was born. It was so much fun. Thank you Johan and Anneke for making us part of your wedding day.