The Netherlands were our next destination. The only thing we knew is we want to end in Amsterdam, we had about a week to explore the rest of the country. We decided Delft will be our first town to visit. We ended staying for four nights and exploring a few of the towns around Delft. I felt my baby girl kick for the first time in Delft. I was about 16 weeks pregnant with her when we were there. After Delft we stayed on a farm, Leeuwendal, in Purmer. That was beautiful as well. After Purmer we went to explore Amsterdam. I felt so at home in this country, we didn’t see everything. One day we will be back…

We had our first bitter ballen in Delft at Doerak.

We discovered this coffee shop, Kek, the Saturday morning. I just loved it. We went there twice 🙂

This is the first European Peonies I owned (1 euro for the bunch), it traveled with us all the way to Amsterdam.


On our way to Den Haag and Noorderstrand








Smallest houses in Amsterdam 🙂

Smallest house in Amsterdam, where humans live in 😉

T’ Smalle brown cafe, we loved this place as well 🙂