I will never forget this shoot. The sun had just come out, I stopped, jumped out of the car with my camera. Busy greeting the family and tying my hair. Then I saw over Cornel’s shoulder my car moved. My first thought was how can somebody drive the car without the key. (I have obviously never stolen a car.) The car stopped. I ran to the car, nobody inside… I forgot to put the hand break on! The car went into the last piece of wall, next to the start of the road… downhill. The only damage was a bent tow bar. Praise the Lord. Imagine the phonecall to tell your husband, ” Hi, um… your car is somewhere down the mountain, probably in somebody’s garden in the Bo-Kaap.”

The day could only get better after that. We had a lovely shoot on Signal Hill, the plan was to end the shoot in Camps Bay, which turned into Bakoven. I loved running around with you in the mountain, thank you for getting up so early in the morning to do the shoot in nice light. I hope you had those amazing doughnuts afterwards.