Bills Family, St James Beach

The week just before the fourth of February I was editing and trying to finish as much work before the weekend. So in the middle of it all I started loading this family shoot, the internet gave problems and didn’t load the full blogpost, so I canceled it. The fourth of February, people broke into our house and stole everything, camera bag, computer, every single hard drive I owned, why couldn’t they just leave one?? Then some work and some personal pictures from the last ten years would have been saved.

After going through all the motion with police etc, I managed to borrow a computer from a friend. (Dankie Berna!!) Then the mission is to log into my website, my computer remembered all of those passwords… It took me a while, I called a friend and she saved me. Now I feel like a photographer again. While uploading a new post, I discovered this half uploaded post of a shoot I have lost. Praise the Lord!!

Here you are Bills family, you have another ten images of our shoot at St James Beach. Thank you for understanding and we will see each other again sometime soon for the reshoot 🙂











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