Danie and Eljoh, Kalkbay

Eljoh and I met in primary school, my job was to try and get the netball from her. It felt like mission impossible 🙂 We went to the same high school and  became friends there. I got to know this beautiful girl with the the massive heart, where there is always space for one more person to love. After school, I went to Stellenbosch and Eljoh to UCT for studies. I was set up to meet an Afrikaans guy and Eljoh to meet an English guy. So I ended up marrying an English guy and she found Danie Lombard.

They met in Clanwilliam. Eljoh was doing her community service year at the hospital and Danie worked on the bridges in Clanwilliam. Eljoh loves any type of exercise, but it is so boring doing it on your own. She heard her neighbours, Danie and his housemate, have their own gym in the garage. Danie and Eljoh started training together for races. Danie didn’t speak a word more than “hi”, he was there to train. Eventually after a year or so, Danie got more words in than that.

They both love the sea and seeing that Eljoh spend a lot of her years in Cape Town area, they decided to get married at Kalkbay in the middle of winter. I love how winter can surprise us with the most beautiful summer days, like their wedding day.






































































































































2 Responses to Danie and Eljoh, Kalkbay

  1. Emma Dreyer says:

    Dit is voorwaar die mooiste foto’s en dit is ook voorwaar die mooiste paartjie met die mooiste harte …. Hierdie hele ondervinding saam met jul almal was n groot voorreg!

  2. Eljoh says:

    Nykie, nie net was dit super spesiaal om jou saam met ons te hê op ons troudag nie maar die fotos is ook STUNNING!! Jy is ongelooflik talentvol en jy bless ons so met die fotos!

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