Groenewald Family, Pinelands

I went for a walk in the park with the Groenewald family in Pinelands. Ethan loved the slide, so guess where we spend most of our time 🙂 Such a cute little man, I think all parents want to freeze moments, so quickly then they are big.

6 Responses to Groenewald Family, Pinelands

  1. Esté says:

    Moooooooooooooooooooooooi ♥

  2. Megan says:

    Oh wow!! 1: Anne – Jy’s ongelooflik!! 2: How DID you get him to sit still for half of those? ♥ The Aunty

  3. Jonathan says:

    These are absolutely amazing! Love the one of Ethan with the book in his hands… facial expression = priceless!! Skillful interpretation of an exceptional trio!

  4. Flick says:

    Hi Anne – Thanks for capturing this precious family! Will get prints from Suse to frame for bragging purposes.
    You have a gift!
    Flick Willmore – die ouma!!

  5. liana says:

    what a cutie! love the sunrays on the photos*

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