Jarred and Lee, Cape Town

I met Lee at church about 5 years ago, if I am right.  Then we got engaged more or less in the same time and married 2 months apart. (I did their engagement shoot.) Now we are both pregnant with little guys and they will be born about 2 months apart as well. I am looking forward to all our play dates together in and around Cape Town. Julle twee gaan awesome ouers wees. I can’t wait to meet the little man 😉








































Both our bumps 🙂








5 Responses to Jarred and Lee, Cape Town

  1. Lee says:

    Anne! Dit is sooo beautiful, ek love, love, LOVE dit!!! So baie dankie vriendin, ek sien ook baie uit na al die playdates 🙂

  2. Naomi says:

    Regtig mooi fotos!!! Sterkte julle 2 (4) met die babas op pad!!!! Dis rof, maar WONDERLIK!!

  3. Alletta Burgess says:

    Fotos is fantasties! Very special and I love the settings.

  4. soooooo mooi anné vriendin. jy is mal goed

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