Swart Family, Signal Hill

I will never forget this shoot. The sun just came out, I stopped, jumped out of the car with my camera. Busy greeting the family and tying my hair. Then I saw over Cornel’s shoulder my car moved. I thought how can somebody drive the car without the key, I have obviously never stole a car, then how am I going to get it? The car stopped. I ran to the car, nobody inside… I forgot to put the hand break on… the car went into the last piece of wall, next to the start of the road… down hill. the only damage was the tow bar bent a bit 😉 Praise the Lord. Imagine the phone call to tell your husband, ” Hi, um… your car is somewhere down the mountain, probably in somebody’s garden in the Bo-Kaap.”

The day could only go better after that. We had a lovely shoot on Signal Hill, the plan was to end the shoot in Camps Bay, which turned into Bakoven 🙂 I loved running around with you in the mountain, thank you for getting up so early in the morning to do the shoot in nice lighting 😉 I hope you had those amazing doughnuts afterwards 🙂




































































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