Tanzania and Zanzibar

14 people, 9 cultures and 1 goal to serve people with Jesus love. We started in Dar Es Salaam, 1 week in Makombako, 5 days in Zanzibar, 2 days in Dar Es Salaam, then back to Cape Town. Now we are 14 changed people 😉

Tanzania, Makombako

Dar Es Salaam


The ferry, in the right hand corner, is part of the company we took back to Tanzania and the same one that sank a few weeks ago.

The team with our two Tanzanites: Joshua and Jacob

Dar Es Salaam

The team 🙂

The team flossing 🙂


11 Responses to Tanzania and Zanzibar

  1. marilize says:

    Wow…ek LOVE die fotos!!! Enetjie met die handjies op die kant-rokkie is my favourite* mis ek nou afrika.

  2. rofhiwa says:

    i remember it like yesterday. i love it,its beautiful and i miss it. ;)))

  3. Berna says:

    Awesome!!! Love die foto met die man teen die muur met die kruise:)

  4. niki v says:

    Anne! You did a fantastic job capturing the beautiful people we’ve come to love so much! I feel so blessed to see these. Can’t wait to share them with everyone I know! Love jou. xxx

  5. Jonel Oosthuizen says:

    Beautiful Neitjie. Dis flippen mooi afgeneem. Well done!

  6. Tz says:

    I absolutely love these pictures, the lighting is just magnificent!! The people phenomenal!

  7. Esté says:

    vriendina – jy’s briljant ♥ All those memories are coming alive all over again!

  8. jacobmvena says:

    oh the pictures are so good,especially the ones in makambako you are real a good photographer big up.

  9. Isabel Jansen van Vuuren says:

    Amazing, mooi! Wow!!

  10. Candice Tu says:

    Stunning 🙂

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