The Netherlands, Europe

The Netherlands were our next destination. The only thing we knew is we want to end in Amsterdam, we had about a week to explore the rest of the country. We decided Delft will be our first town to visit. We ended staying for four nights and exploring a few of the towns around Delft. I felt my baby girl kick for the first time in Delft 🙂 I was about 16 weeks pregnant with her when we were there. After Delft we stayed on a farm, Leeuwendal, in Purmer. That was beautiful as well. After Purmer we went to explore Amsterdam. I felt so at home in this country, we didn’t see everything. One day we will be back 🙂
















We had our first bitter ballen in Delft at Doerak.






We discovered this coffee shop, Kek, the Saturday morning. I just loved it. We went there twice 🙂












This is the first European Peonies I owned (1 euro for the bunch), it traveled with us all the way to Amsterdam.

































On our way to Den Haag and Noorderstrand































































































Smallest houses in Amsterdam 🙂












Smallest house in Amsterdam, where humans live in 😉




T’ Smalle brown cafe, we loved this place as well 🙂

















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  1. Emma Dreyer says:

    Dit is nou behoorlik n herhaling van n wonderlike vakansie saam met jou, die mooiste foto’s.

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