Rensu and Jessica got married at Pampoenkraal in Durbanville. I loved how the whole family did something for the wedding, from baking the wedding cake to making the bridal party’s dresses. Jessica got dressed in her family home in Pinelands, her parents, sisters with their other halves and their children were all there. I think it was fifteen people excluding the five service providers. I think if you didn’t grow up in a big family like this, it probably seems a bit chaotic. This type of chaos actually means: ‘We want to share life with you, because we love you so much.’ Rensu had to work hard to get Jess’ hand in marriage. I think he had to go for interviews with her parents, after that with the brother-in-laws and then he had to hand in a vision statement! Thank you for making us part of your beautiful day. May Jesus bless every step of your journey!

Thank you Carmen for being my super star!

This was my favourite moment. Literally two minutes before we need to go.